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Daniel S. Karp

Nature Net Science Fellow, University of California Berkeley, and The Nature Conservancy
Environmental, Science, Policy, and Management, University of California, Berkley, 217 Wellman Hall, Berkeley CA 94720
Research Interests: 
Agroecology - Biodiversity Conservation - Ecosystem services - Pest Control

Daniel Karp is a postdoctoral “NatureNet” fellow based at the Nature Conservancy and the University of California, Berkeley. Daniel completed his Ph.D. in 2013 and undergraduate studies in 2009 at Stanford University’s Department of Biology. His research interests center on developing innovative methods for harmonizing food production with the conservation of ecosystem services and biodiversity. Daniel's focus is thus primarily outside reserves, where he studies biodiversity and ecosystem services in agriculture at multiple scales. His research agenda has three core dimensions. First, he investigates strategies for designing agricultural systems to achieve biodiversity conservation outcomes. Second, Daniel studies methods for harmonizing these conservation interventions with improving livelihoods. Third, he works closely with international experts in large synthetic efforts that focus on developing guidelines for monitoring and conserving biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Select Publications

  • Karp, DS, CD Mendenhall, RF Sandí, PR Ehrlich, EA Hadly, and GC Daily. 2013. Forest bolsters birds, pest control, and coffee yield. Ecology Letters 16 (11), 1339-1347.
  • Mendenhall, CD, DS Karp, CFJ Meyer, EA Hadly, and GC Daily.  2014. Predicting biodiversity change and averting collapse in agricultural landscapes. Nature 509 (7499), 213-217.
  • Frishkoff, LO, DS Karp, LK M'Gonigle, CD Mendenhall, J Zook, C Kremen, EA Hadly, and GC Daily. 2014. Loss of avian phylogentic diversity in neotropical agricultural systems. Science 345 (6202),1343-1346.